18 + Nightclub and bar on Phoenix.
Bi-Weekly Mondays
Plot 1 Ward 2 Lavenderbeds

Had a long day? Need somewhere to relax and have a good time? Then look no further than The Luminary. We're an 18+ neon nightclub and bar. With music throwbacks from the '80s '90s and '00s there's a little something for everyone.Fancy a drink? Come take a seat at our bar and one of our lovely bartenders will serve you some classics and if you ask nicely maybe even a special drink or two-just don't drink too much~
Wanting some Company? We offer a variety of different services via our dancers. Any service must have the user be 18+

    The Luminary consist of three floors. With the dancefloor and bar downstairs, private entertainment on the ground-floor and hot-tubs and chill out area at the top.

    We have rules that we expect all guests to follow.

    The Luminary dancers are here to entertain you all night long. They provide various services that you can find here.

    Our bartenders offer a selection of refreshing drinks to keep that energy flowing.

    From security to bartenders, you'll find all the staff profiles here

    Under Construction

    Our Venue Partners

    The Venue

    Private Rooms

    • Be Respectful- Respect our staff and respect other guests. Everyone is here to have a good time and relax.

    • Keep public chats SFW at all times Nsfw should be only for private chats.

    • Yell Chat is for staff only

    • Don't be Racists/Sexist- Regardless of your race, sex, gender all are welcome in The Luminary. This is a safe space for all and we don't tolerate hate speech of any kind. Warnings will be given and ban if bullying persists.

    • Don't harass our staff members- This applies to both our open and closed hours. If they say No or STOP Respect that and move on. Constant harassment will result in a ban of all our services and a possible ban from our Venue.

    • Any services provided by our staff is only provided during OPEN HOURS.- Any requests made outside these hours may be considered harassment.

    • Mods- If you are using mods or anything of the like please use them respectfully and be aware of others around you. Some people may not like seeing the appearance of their character being different.

    • No Minions or Weapons allowed in the venue.

    • Respect the Venue - Don't clip through walls, don't go into staff designated areas. This includes not skipping queues outside.

    • Ground-floor is for services only.

    • No bard performance

    • Our Staff are always here to help if you have any issues or worries. Please message us privately if you are concerned.

    Please contact a member of the management team if you wish to book a dancer.
    We have the right to refuse our services
    We do not offer our NSFW services to lalafels

    SFW Services

    Lap Dance

    A playful and flirty dance with a dancer of your choice50,000 Gil
    30 mintues


    Come alone? Spend an hour with a dancer of your choice.
    Have a dance. Get a drink, chill, relax and have a good time!
    200,000 Gil
    1 hour

    NSFW Services

    These services are limited and not every dancer will do them.
    Please read their profile to see which dancers are available for these services

    Private Dance (Booth)

    A sensual and erotic dance with a dancer of your choice in one of our private booths (No ERP)85,000 Gil
    30 mintues

    Private Room (ERP Vanilla)

    Have fun with a dancer of your choice in one of our private rooms.300,000 Gil
    1 hour minimum

    Private Room (ERP Kinks etc.)

    Have some extra spicy fun with a dancer of your choice. Our dancers have a right to refuse this service if the kink makes them uncomfortable.400,000 Gil
    1 hour minimum

    Additional time will cost the same price as the original e.g. 1-hour lapdance will be 100,000. An additional dancer or friend will cost you double the respected service.

    Name: Neru DeathstrikeAge: 227Gender: Female/ShemaleSexuality: LesbianLikes: Music, going on Adventures, spending time under the moonlight, rejoicing in the glory of combat, spending quality time with my friends, teasingDislikes: dishonesty, un-punctuality, rudeness, loud high pitched noises, CRUISE CHASERSpending two centuries roaming the outskirts of Yanxia, watching over the cycle of nature, this Fox-Witch decided to pass on her duty and explore the world outside.
    After changing her appearance to not stand out among the folks of Eorzea she now spends her time venturing the lands and conquering the nightlife. She is a valuable and loving companion as long as you are on her good side, disrespect her and she'll make you regret the day you crossed paths.

    Name: Taihou TsukikoAge: 34Gender: FemaleSexuality: BisexualLikes: Sweets, Trying new things, Open-minded people, DragonsDislikes: Dull people and exploiting others, Excessive vagueness and liars pretending to not like punsConfident and full of vigour, Taihou is the kind of happy-go-lucky kind of gal that enjoys venturing into unknown territory. Though she may be stubborn, you can rest assured it is out of good intent, regardless of the puns she may throw your way. If you're looking for that special sauce that has flavour and experience, Taihou is your pick.

    Name: Ethe'rea LeachAge: who knowsGender: FemaleSexuality: leaning strongly toward femalesLikes: The manager, cats, sugary food, her avatarDislikes: Garlemald and dishonest peopleRea is a woman of a strong sense of justice, perhaps even with hidden darkness, her tail ready to be put on the trail of misbehaviour. From a sadistic mistress to a cuddly furball, the cat girl has much to offer. Fall for the temptation and you may never want to come back.

    Name: Aoyama NanamiAge: 24Gender: FemaleSexuality: Bisexual and SwitchyLikes: Cuddles, kisses, caring people and overall wholesomenessDislikes: Rudeness or big baddie meaniesA happy, cute lizzy that's here trying to make your night better in any way or form she can. But don't try to tease her too much, or you may end up being the one tied up and punished.

    Name: Kitaro ShinAge: 21Gender: MaleSexuality: PansexualLikes: Music, Battles, PartiesDislikes: dishonest and unrespectful people.
    Kitaro is a bit shy unlike his appearance, but once the ice is melted, he is very flirty and straightforward.
    Kitaro might appear like a normal Au Ra Raen, but he was born to a Highlander in Ala Mhigo. His Au Ra father was a traveler and soon disappeared while his mother fled with him to Southern Thanalan where he grew up.
    On his journey to find traces of his father, he soon landed in Othard. But instead finding his father, he found a wounded and starving Viera fleeing from demon hunters bc of his half-demon blood. he took the Viera with him back to Eorzea, finding a place for him to be safe.
    only bookable together!

    Name: Rin NyaaAge: 20Gender: MaleSexuality: GayLikes: Chilling, Music, Drawing, Ppl that are Polite and respect him and Ki Nii, Cosplay, Teasing and Bites.
    Dislikes DRAMA, Ppl who aren't respectful, rudeness, lies and stress.
    Rin is a small Asian bunny born in Yanxia. He never met his family and is hiding a secret of having the blood of a demon in him. He always hides his one eye. Until one day someone found out and the people in Yanxia and other eastern areas starts hunting him, he run away and start hiding around until a strong Au'ra founds him and took him under his protection. Rin is not shy when he is teasing or flirting but he is afterwards. It depends which side kicks in. Only bookable together!

    Name: Ashter NightshadeAge: 29Gender: MaleSexuality: Bisexual-DOMLikes: Music, Fashion, TeaDislikes: Insubordination, bad fashion,A sophisticated and distinguished gentleman is what the common folk get to see of Ashter. Being a man of business and drinking only the finest tea Eorzea can provide.
    But in reality, he loves nothing more than losing themselves to the nightlife.
    Currently living life as a male viera, it may make him look cute and cuddly but don't let that deceive you. He's still that intimidating au'ra you know and love and won't hesitate to put you in your place.

    Name: Angie McfarlenAge: 27Gender: FemaleSexuality: PansexualLikes: Music, Photography, Interior Design, Teasing.Dislikes Obnoxious People, Badly Decorated Homes, You if you don't shut up.Bard (warrior) of light by day and DJ by night, Angie is the Manager and designer of The Luminary. She's stubborn, sarcastic and playing hard to get but once you've warmed up to her you'll see she has a heart of gold.
    Knowing as being the favourite between the two owners (Ashter is mean apparently), Angie only DJ's on special nights or when she's not off saving the world...which is often.

    Name: Emsti-altair DenmaAge: 21Gender: MaleSexuality: GayLikes: Teasing, flowers, being a brat, animalsDislikes: Liars, Backstabbers, people that think they are above himThere's not much to say about Emsti, piss him off and you will have a "nice" meeting with a different personality than he usually brings to light....besides that he is a nice person to talk to tho, when not working that means.

    Name: Haxprocess WeisslogiaAge: 33Gender: FemaleSexuality: YesLikes: Her soulmate, good times with friends, cute dresses, being of helpDislikes: Rude and easily offended people, mornings, the feeling of being uselessWeiss is the girl you'll always see with a smile on her face, despite her somehow peculiar look she is always eager to help who is in need and to perform perfectly at her job, this small middie loves a good laugh, to dance with her friends and to shop for cute dresses, above all, she loves her amazing girlfriend.

    Name: Hyder BarethAge: 21Gender: MaleSexuality: BisexualLikes: Adventuring, Carbuncles, Steak and meeting new faces.Dislikes: Lightning, Moogles and disrespectful people.Super energetic and with a smile on his face, Hyder is always trying to explore and discover new things. From mystic forests and dark temples in his adventuring life to cooking and music playing in his normal life, he's always prepared to tackle new challenges with his head held high. He's looking forward to putting a smile on all your faces!

    Name: Tenebris LodousiaAge: 25Gender: MaleSexuality: StraightLikes: Loyalty, honesty (To a fault), Monster-hunting and Map decipheringDislikes: Liars, fake people and cookiesTenebris is a young Hrothgar that grew up in Uldah out of all places, lived a rough life, especially his childhood. Has always had a soft spot for alcohol but is able to control his needs really well in comparison to most others. He Will always attempt to make the best of any situation even if sometimes it might not be possible, he'll try nonetheless.
    As nice as he is, he's also aggressive, once he gets angry or someone attempts to hurt one of his close friends, he can be vicious.

    Name: Cyrus Dirnea
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male.Sexuality: Straight.Likes: Gazing at the stars, cooking, cracking up jokes, alcohol and adventures.Dislikes: Cheaters, Liars, Bullies and unnecessary violence.During the past, Cyrus travelled around Eorzea seeing vistas, slaying monsters and making adventurers friends along the way. This loyal (to a fault) and goofy lalafell is always ready to lend a hand to those in need and cheer people up.
    After settling down, he found his way to The Luminary loving the place and eventually getting his place here, he's now ready to serve drinks and entertain his fellow adventurers with some jokes and cocktails.

    Name: Maddie FreezepopAge: 27Gender: FemaleSexuality: LesbianLikes: Positive Mental Attitudes, Being Artistic, Animals, Cosplay, Making People Smile, Y’shtola ;3Dislikes: Any kind of Negativity, Boasting, Ignorance and General ArroganceMaddie is a cheerful individual who tends to try her best to take most situations with a positive outlook (even when there is no positives to be seen) she hates conflict and will take any step she deems necessary to stop it.
    She can tend to be quiet and somewhat shy or uncomfortable around new people but once getting to know her you will realise that she is an excitable and very talkative Miqo’te. So feel free to say hi!

    Name: Kana HasturAge: 26Gender: FemaleSexuality: PansexualLikes: Money, coffee, machinesDislikes: Backstabs, problematic peopleWith a wide experience as engineer in the Garlond Ironworks and dragged into too many dangerous adventures by Cid and the other members, Kana has developed a great interest for a safe job with a sane schedule. Thought she is smarter than she looks, she often tends to get lost in thought, so don't be surprised if you see her staring at a wall for hours.

    Name: Myriah Haymon Rena Viras
    Age: ???
    Gender: FemaleSexuality: Bisexual, female leaningLikes: The stars, the sea, singing, fighting and adventuring, protecting her brother GaleDislikes: Yellowjackets, traitors, cooking and having to clean up other people's mess.Ruthless former pirate queen of the Lominsan seas, she lived a life of piracy and thievery, till one day a clash with a rival crew lead to the sinking of the ship. With her crew gone she turned to becoming a sellsword for hire. Hiding behind the guise of a fantasia and having left her old life behind after meeting Gale and his family, Myriah spends her time adventuring and helping others.
    (Occasionally her guise wears off and she has to spend time hunting for a new fantasia)

    Name: Gael PeytonAge: 48Gender: Male (Trans)Sexuality: Bisexual, Male leanLikes: Claims he doesn’t like anything but it’s lies, big fan of coffee, having his alone time, and his twin Phia (sometimes).Dislikes: Loud people, having to actually speak to groups, getting flustered.Gael is described as temperamental and cold by strangers, which is mostly true. However, those who do get close know he’s really a softy and a man of little words, using his actions to speak for him. He’s a bit sadistic at times and rough with his lovers but always cares for their needs during and afterwards.

    Name: First’mate IndieAge: 25Gender: MaleSexuality: PansexualLikes: Photography, making people happy, fishing, cooking, singing, teasing, flirting, travelling, amazing glamours, rock music and meeting new people.Dislikes: Fake people, disloyalty, bad glamours and losing friends.Until the anti-piracy law came into effect, Indie spent most of his life with his pirate crew on the sea. Even though he had a rough few months after his crew became dormant, he choose to not give up and travel around Eorzea taking as many pictures as possible. Once he stumbled upon the Luminary and saw the joy in people's eyes, he decided he wanted to capture those moments for as long as he lives. Be warned though, while he may look and act like a gentleman, due to his time at sea he has another side that barely anyone knows so you better be prepared.

    Endless Nights